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Rubellite Press is a publishing house devoted to the geological sciences, with an emphasis on publishing books and othr materials related to Pegmatology, Mineralogy and Petrology. Our business developed from the needs of our Pegmatite Workshop, which required relevant and up to date material concerning pegmatology, petrology, mineralogy and the history of mining in Maine.
Our business goals are to either self- or volume-publish brand new titles, to produce new texts that are of unique and special interest, to make available rare and historical literature of geological and mineralogical interest, and to create new methods of disseminating information to multiple educational levels.
Rubellite Press is the publishing arm of the MP2 Research Group and the Maine Pegmatite Workshop. Through these two organizations, we are discovering the literary needs of academia and the enthusiast alike. Since we plan on publishing information for all educational levels, we encourage your feedback and comments about our publications. We also encourage our readers to contact us with topics you would like to see produced and authors to contact us with your own projects.
Karen Webber - publisher
MP2 Research Group Maine Pegmatite Workshop

Publisher specializing in Pegmatology, Petrology & Mineralogy
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